Noget om Mennesker

Noget om Mennesker

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Mød fotografen onsdag 19. juni 19.00 - 21.00

Udstillingen kan ses frem til onsdag den 31. juli 2019

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Noget om Mennesker


Kom og mød Niels Erik i Leica Store Frederiksberg
onsdag 19. juni kl. 19.00 - 21.00

Hvor han fortæller om sine billeder.
Da der serveres kaffe, øl & vand i løbet af aftenen er tilmelding på nødvendigt.



About the photographer Niels Erik Pedersen

I am an autodidact Copenhagen based freelance photographer. Photography is an important relief valve from my other professional work and has as a passion faithfully followed me since the early 80’s.


As a photographer, I am addicted to tell about people. Both as deep personal portraits and portraits of people found in the urban environment. Especially the ‘weak souls of the streets’ have my great sympathy. As well, elderly people that by their eyes, grooves and furrows expresses stories and experiences from a long life.

The urban environment on a global scene is an inexhaustible source to me for to discovery. Here moods are captured and brought in photographs in which humanity in most cases take a central position. I also enjoy sitting still – observing and be enriched by human diversity, hence letting this turn into evocative photographs. I also adore capturing simplistic images of the world around us, maybe as a natural counterweight to all the other photographs that have a people focus. I have never considered myself as a dedicated landscape photographer, nor am I specifically looking for it – but scenarios in the right lighting situation I cannot let pass, why I over the years have witnessed a significantly grow of landscape photographs in my back catalogue.


I have great passion for monochromatic expressions with a filmic origin. Expressions and moods are easier for me to convey without disturbing them by color.


Niels Erik Pedersen


Contact details:

Mobile phone: +45 2634 9404